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About Us

Kathleen & Moises Potting Shed Fairfax

Moisés Elterman & Kathleen Carroll

Moisés Elterman & Kathleen Carroll are the “mom and pop” behind the shop.  Kathleen always had lots of ideas/fantasies about starting a business, none of them at all feasible.

The Potting Shed was serendipitously discovered while out on a mission to get flowers for Moisés’ mother on Mother’s Day.  Despite a not-so auspicious start (we opened in September of 2008…recession anyone??) and a huge learning curve, (Moisés is a retired surgeon and Kathleen is a hospice chaplain), we have endured and grown stronger every year.  We have the sweet little town of Fairfax to thank, as well as the numerous customers, whose patronage has made us warmly feel a part of the community.


Lexi Fitzgerald

The shop was originally founded by Lexi Fitzgerald in the year 2000. With a restless green thumb, a handy husband and two toddlers, she decided to open her own business. Husband, Paul, rehabbed the space and built most of the framework as it is today.  Imprints of the kids’ hand & footprints are still visible on the cement slab at the entrance. The current interior of the shop was used as a corral and playroom for the kids. The outside covered area was where Lexi set up shop, primarily as a plant nursery. By the time we (the current owners) bought the shop, it had changed hands multiple times, but Lexi approached us, liking what we were doing and seeking part time work now that her children were older. Boy, did we hit the lottery. Lexi has tremendous nursery experience and know-how and is just a gem of a person. She is the primary creative engine powering our healthy plant selection and beautiful succulent arrangements.



Lila is one of the most widely talented people we know, kind of like a sassy, much more modern, tongue in cheek Martha Stewart. (She will say “Ugggh!” when she reads this). An artist, crafter, jewelry designer, baker (you should see her cakes!), knitter, hairdresser and all-around reliable problem solver are just a few of her areas of expertise. She also makes a killer martini. Lila came to us with loads of retail experience and savvy. We treasure her keen eye for design and the whimsical touches she brings to all parts of the shop. But mostly we just treasure her, period.